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Ruiz and La Maltesa

Ramon and Anita are in their tenth year of partnership. They freely blend Flamenco, Spanish folklore and Latin American songs into their own inspired compositions and interpretations, creating something unique yet wonderfully familiar.

Ramon is a brilliant, lyrical guitarist; equally well-versed in Flamenco and Latin rhythms. Born in Granada, he was raised in Spain, England and Italy. A four-year sojourn in the renowned Flamenco tablao 'Los Gallos' in Seville helped perfect his skills as an accompanist to song and dance and earned him respect among top Flamenco artists.

Anita, British born of Maltese origins, began studying classical and tap dance at the age of five. Her extraordinary feeling for rhythm soon drew her irresistibly to the Flamenco world of Seville where she not only studied dance with some of Spain's top dancers, but also immersed herself in Hispanic songs, building up a solid repertoire well suited to the purity and warmth of her voice.

The combination of the duo Anita and Ramon with their Flamenco and Cuban friends create a palette of exciting sounds that stay with the listener long after the album has stopped playing. Flamenco Havana is a true celebration of voice, guitar, dance, palmas, zapateado and jaleo - full of passion, joy, sensuality and 'duende'.