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"A dynamic tour de force which has an extraordinary mesmeric dimension; a rare and powerful combination driven by passion." - David Freeman, Jazz FM.

This debut album is both familiar and unusual at the same time. Featuring the traditional flamenco guitar playing and foot-tapping of Ramon Ruiz, combined with the delightful singing of his long-standing partner, Anita 'La Maltesa', who also rattles her feet. Both are highly skilled. The addition of a Cuban brass-section, some salsa-style arrangements and even a didgeridoo make for an unusual recording. Recorded in Seville, the album evokes hot Spanish evenings, with gunshot handclaps, impassioned vocals and superb flamenco playing. Some South American influences, Cuban-style piano, the vocals of Segundo Falcon and El Extremo also give the album more interesting flavours. Take off your shoes and open another bottle of wine. - New Insight