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Neil Stacey

Neil Stacey plays acoustic, electric and synthesised guitars, and is a composer and arranger.

Englishman Stacey started playing guitar at the age of seven. He went on to perform in public with his father at the age of nine. When he was 16, he formed his own rock group, inspired by Jimi Hendrix, and played many gigs locally.

In 1992 Neil formed Acoustic Mania with Antonio Forcione and they made their live and recording debut at the Edinburgh festival in 1993. Since then Acoustic Mania have appeared on television and radio worldwide and have toured in places as far afield as Australia, Barbados, Indonesia, Jamaica and Singapore, as well as Europe and the UK. They have been featured in many magazines, such as Guitarist magazine, and have collected many favourable quotes from press all over the world, such as: "...dazzling compendium of guitar techniques....daredevil crescendos...flamboyant delivery...elegant, artistic self-understanding..." March 1998 saw the release of their much awaited second album, "Talking Hands", featuring a unique guitar duo version of the classic Weather Report tune 'Birdland'....

Alongside several projects, Neil began to perform solo in 2001; using a variety of techniques, sounds, and guitars he drew remarks about his solo performances such as: "...a staggering version of Django meets Pat Metheny meets Pink Floyd" ...and on hearing his music, Pat Metheny himself said: "sounds great....hard to imagine how you are doing all that!........ you are an excellent musician"

Neil's natural passion and joy for music is also expressed through his instinctive interaction with his fellow musicians. During his career he has had the pleasure of playing and/or sharing the stage with many great musicians, amongst them Martin Taylor, who commented: "Neil Stacey is a guitarist of considerable talent. His playing is highly inventive, full of energy and beauty"