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Patrick Noland

Patrick Noland received classical piano instruction at St. Xavier University, Chicago, IL, under the direction of Sister Mary Vernardine Obertin. He then studied the art of composition and improvisation at Naropa Institute, Boulder, Colorado, under the tutelage of Ralph Towner and members of the group Oregon. His techniques were further developed with contributions from Art Lande and Charlie Haden, also at Naropa. Noland's synergy of classical structure and improvisational jazz was perfected during this period of development.

In 1996, recording engineer Ken Christianson shared a solo piano recording of Noland with Julian Vereker, founder of Naim Audio. Later that year, Gathering Light was recorded by Christianson and mastered by Vereker. Noland has been an artist on the Naim label ever since, completing three distinct musical discs, Gathering Light, Ascending, and Peace, with distribution in over 40 countries. These compositions have acquired a devoted following amongst lovers of the unique blend of ethereal jazz that has come to be recognized as Noland's trademark. His fourth disc, Passage to Thought, highlights Noland's new direction with his first group recording.

The Patrick Noland Group performs weekly at the Beverly Art Center in Chicago during the summer months, and monthly throughout the winter.