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Foo Foo

These two Mums from Dorset, Lisa Fitzgerald and Jan Reay, began their musical odyssey in 1994. They delight and entertain audiences in pubs and clubs all over the Southwest of England.

For a period they were a trio, enjoying the minimalist percussion skills of Nick (The Boy) Burson. He can be heard in fine form on the cd "H2C". He unfortunately had to leave the UK and is sorely missed. Jan and Lisa, however, more than make up for the loss by playing some of the finest rhythm/percussion guitar to be heard anywhere. Foo Foo have played at the Glastonbury festival and as far away as Milan, Italy.

With Foo Foo on occasions you may be lucky enough to see Kate Riaz joining the duo, creating beautiful music with her cello and adding a new dimension too what are already wonderful tunes.

Jan and Lisa often organise one-off concerts collectively known as "The Chickstick Acoustics". The venues are usually village halls around the Southwest, "Taking the music to the people" With them on the bill they have local musicians such as the boogie woogie pianist Julian Philips and The Boogie Woogie Boys.

This female duo will have you shouting for more, the songs are inspired, the harmonies perfect, the rhythms infectious, a blend of reggae, ska, blues, Latin and Spanish performed with passion and humour.

Foo Foo are a definite "must see!"

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