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Jason Carter

Jason Carter is a guitarist who uses his unique style of world music to bridge the political and cultural divides between nations. Acting as an unofficial artistic diplomat for The British Council and British Government, Carter has had access and permission to play in over 70 countries, including some of the most restrictive in the world such as Uzbekistan, North Korea and Iran.

During his travels, Carter has had the opportunity to play for heads of state, royalty and Hollywood stars including President Musharraf (Pakistan), Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (ruler of Dubai) and Dustin Hoffman. He has also held impromptu performances in some unlikely circumstances: from placating machine-gun toting soldiers at 3am in Uzbekistan by playing Bach to a special concert for a group of head hunters in Borneo.

Witnessing first hand how music can overcome cultural and language differences and communicating to his fellow Westerners the quiet dignity of the lives behind the ongoing negative headlines in the countries he visits, is what inspires Jason to continue his remarkable musical odyssey