The Naim Label has a growing catalogue of albums, some of which are also available on 180gm virgin vinyl. As with the manufacturing of our compact discs, the highest level of care and attention to detail is taken when producing LPs.

Mastering for vinyl is undertaken at Abbey Road with a Neumann VMS 80 cutting lathe, and the lacquer is cut by Nick Webb, a very experienced engineer. For manufacturing we use a pressing plant called Portalspace based in Hayes, Middlesex. They use 1400 series presses, a bespoke design created by EMI in the early to mid 1970s.

QC at Portalspace is of the highest order. They listen on high quality turntables, and stop the press at regular intervals for the press controller to hear a finished record. This ensures quality is maintained throughout.

Test pressings are listened to very carefully at Naim, and are only signed off when we're completely happy with them. On rare occasions a lacquer will have to be re-cut in order to fulfil our exacting standards.

"Meet Me In London" by Antonio Foricone and Sabina Sciubba, has been one of our best selling titles on CD. We released it on vinyl to critical acclaim: "Warm and rich vinyl version of one of Naim's nicest CDs, the jazzy unplugged vocal/guitar stunner from Forcione and Sciubba benefiting from remastering and a change of format. Not that it wasn't involving before. It's just that it lends itself so well to vinyl playback, with more air, fatter percussion and even better detail" Hi Fi News 2003