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Alan Murphy

SFX metamorphosed out of a band called - modestly - the Stapleton All Stars led by the legendary Nick O'Ramsden. After the inevitable flirtation with the likes of Larry Carlton, Weather Report, Harry Luc Ponty etc, Alan and I started writing pieces of our own, the products of very sick and drug crazed minds. The line up of the band also settled into the combination that you hear now.

Most of the music was written around 1980 and developed during the following four years. During this time we would play the occasional residency at the Cricketers pub at the Oval in London. Anyone who was present at those gigs will remember the apparent repetition of material - we used to try and confuse our audience by renaming songs at random, although all this seemed to do was to confuse our drummer.

This was a period full of the optimism of youth and all that goes with it. At the end of 1984, while the rest of us immersed ourselves in the world of session playing, Alan went on to join Go West and then Level 42.

All of this brings me to the hardest part of writing these notes. They should have been written by Alan and myself - the 'Kipper Brothers' - but sadly Alan died on 19 October 1989. This CD is dedicated to the memory of Alan. I think this is the best way to remember a dear friend and a great player who touched all our hearts.

Felix Krish