Chamber Soloists of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Mozart Wind Serenades
No 12 & No 10

This music is also available in a hi-resolution package, which includes the CD along with a separate data disc containing 24-bit/88.2kHz WAV files suitable for computers, hard disk players and music servers.
Track Listing
Serenade K388 No 12 in C Minor ‘Nacht Musique’
1. I Allegro 8:03
2. II Andante 3:58
3. III Menuetto in Canone 4:19
4. IV Allegro 6:39
Serenade K361 No 10 in Bflat Major ‘Gran Partita’
5. I Largo 9:21
6. II Menuetto 8:51
7. III Adagio 5:10
8. IV Menuetto – Allegretto 4:56
9. V Romanze - Adagio 6:13
10. VI Tema con Variazioni 9:48
11. VII Rondo 3:41
Total Playing Time: 71:23

John Anderson
Timothy Watts

Clarinets / Basset Horns
Douglas Mitchell
Thomas Watmough
Rachel Brown
Alan Andrews

Daniel Jemison
Helen Simons

Contra Bassoon
David Chatterton

French Horns
Martin Owen
Kathryn Saunders
Andrew Fletcher
Philip Woods

Recorded, engineered, produced and mastered by Tony Faulkner

Recorded at Cadogan Hall, London on 21st August 2007


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