Laurence Hobgood

CD112   When the Heart Dances (feat. Charlie Haden & Kurt Elling)
A masterly power trio of contemporary Jazz Giants appear on this, Hobgood's latest recording for Naim. Joining the acclaimed pianist are one of the greatest living bass players, Charlie Haden, and the pre-eminent male jazz singer of his generation, Kurt Elling.
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CD049   Left to my own Devices
"Hobgood's pianism is "shimmering arpeggios, advanced harmonies and a pervasively singing tone," said Howard Reich of the Chicago Tribune
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CD084   Crazy World
Hobgood's beautifully light touch is a joy to listen to; fingers which dance over the keys proving to be the perfect third element for bass and drums.
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CD015   Union (with Brian Torff & Paul Wertico)
This aptly titled disc features a reunion of three incandescent talents: pianist, Laurence Hobgood; bassist, Brian Torff; and drummer, Paul Wertico.
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CD038   State of the Union (with Brian Torff & Paul Wertico)
This disc includes an equal mix of originals and standards and all the tracks demonstrate the trio's intimate understanding of each other's playing.
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