Pigeon Coup is the debut album from London-based singer songwriter Daniel Mulhern. Recorded at Ray Davies' Konk Studios, the album was recorded with a group of hugely talented musicians, the end result being a set of melodious and perfectly crafted pop songs

The album was recorded using predominantly vintage equipment which has captured the immediacy of the performances and complimented the songs with warmth and clarity.

Why the title? It became apparent to Daniel at an early stage of the recording that pigeons were a recurring theme; in the recording studio, in his flatů he realised he was living in a modern day version of The Birds, thankfully without the eye pecking.

Pigeon Coup is a debut of impressive quality. Employing classic song-writing, memorable melodies and intelligent lyrics performed with sincerity.

His voice has been described as possessing an intimacy capable of handling a variety of musical environments with equal conviction. Influences include Mike Scott, Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan, Roddy Frame, Neil Finn and Badly Drawn Boy and his voice and songs bear witness to this.

Daniel's songs have appeared in numerous TV dramas, most recently Stephen Poliakoff's Friends & Crocodiles. He has also worked as a musician for other composers, most notably Adrian Jonston, having played on his scores for the Poliakoff films Friends & Crocodiles and Gideon's Daughter among others.