Who played Hammond organ on Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys, piano on Stand By Me by John Lennon, ABC by The Jackson 5, I Am A Woman by Helen Reddy, and synths on We Are The World by Michael Jackson? The answer to these questions and many more is Mike Melvoin, who The Naim Label has now teamed up with Charlie Haden for The Capitol Sessions, the fourth album featuring Charlie to be released by Naim.

Charlie was very keen to record an album with Mike, with whom he had not played since the pianist's move from New York to Los Angeles in 1962. "I was totally thrilled when Charlie asked me to do a record with him," enthuses Mike. The intensity of feeling and enjoyment involved in this record is obvious through listening. As Mike says, jazz is what he is, whereas pop is what he does.

There are three vocal tracks by Bill Henderson on the album. Bill and Mike are also old friends, having appeared as a duo many times. Bill features on Charlie's most recent Quartet West album.

The disc was recorded live at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles by Ken Christianson.