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Jim Lampi

One of the rare interpreters of the Chapman Stick. His new album Greazy showcases the 'Stick' on 11 funky, jazz-tinged tracks........Very excellent! RTE Guide

The Chapman stick, and Jim Lampi, are here to stay." FHM Magazine

"Jim Lampi's performance on the Chapman Stick - an instrument whose range makes it the guitarist's answer to the piano - was particularly good." The Independent

"Jim Lampi is an incredible Stick player." LA Times

“Californian Chapman Stick virtuoso Jim Lampi is doing more than most to push back the frontiers of his instrument......, incredible washes of sound " Guitarist Magazine

“California man Jim Lampi ...with his half cello. half bass Chapman Stick, a remarkable 12-stringed instrument roughly the shape and size of a AA missile. His intricate fretwork brings forth booming bass and tinkling melodic chimes that perfectly complement Martyn’s understated slide guitar work in a demonstration of technical brillance all too rarely seen.” Evening News, Edinburgh

“Un virtuoso dello Stick” Guitar Club Magazine, Italy

“Jim Lampi es muy especial, es uno de esos espirutus libres que buscan y buscan nuevas formas y nuevas maneras de hacer musica. Su CD es un exquisito trabajo musical........” RPM Magazine, Spain

Vederlo suonare è per me una grande emozione, tutte le volte. Ha una agilità e una ritmica impressionanti nelle mani, senza mai cadere nel virtuosismo fine a sé stesso e anzi, mantenendo una espressività musicale molto solida. Ha un tocco preciso e fulmineo, cristallino." MegaBass, Italy

"I sat and watched in had to be there, trust me!" Globalbass