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Jim Lampi

What make of instruments do you use? Chapman Stick

What make of strings do you use? Chapman Stick Strings.

What is your favourite instrument? My Maple 12 string.

What was your best gig or concert, and why did you enjoy playing it so much? In a Music Festival after-hours club in the Ardennes. A big jam with rotating players from around the world: 2 accordions; 2 violins; 1 guitarist; 1 sax; 10 Afro/Cuban, Brazilian percussionists; 1 bagpipe; and me as bassist/guitarist on the Stick. Assorted vocal guests. Players aged from 60s to 11. It started at 11pm and ended at 5:30am. Blanche beer at 90p until the end. Euro folk, Cajun, meets Afro-Cuban tango jam. 200 people pogoing the whole time. They didn't leave until the music stopped. Need I say more?

Which musicians have influenced your music most? LA-based Emmett Chapman invented an instrument that came along at the right time for me. Lessons and gigs with Tuck Andress helped me organize my musical thoughts. Growing up in eclectic California, and playing with people passionate about music, widened my horizons. Travel, meeting and playing with different musicians stretched my imagination.

What is your favourite piece of music? Impossible. Some favourites: Adagio For Strings=Barber; Rhapsody in Blue-Gerswhin, Lento e Largo-Gorecki; West Side Story-Bernstein; Armandos Rumba-Chick Corea; Memories of Tomorrow-Keith Jarrett; Do Right Women-Aretha Franklin; Low Rider-War; Magalenha-Sergio Mendes; Caravan-Van Morrison; 6 Feet Under-Thomas Newman; Sound track to 'Oh Brother Where Art Thou?'; STAX; Motown; I'll stop now.

Who is your favourite band or musician? Impossible. Some favourites: Miles Davis; Joe Zawinul; Aretha Franklin; EST; John Martyn; Keith Jarret; Pat Methany; Van Morrison; Joni Mitchell; Steven Reich.

What is your favourite item of clothing? An old pair of Redwing boots I haven't seen in years. I was on a forest fire crew and they were safe, comfortable, and cared for.

What is your favourite destination and why? Big Nature: Mountains, oceans, forest, desert. Then a good meal in Paris. Or perhaps in piste lodge, or a cafe with stuffed fish, deer heads on the walls and the waitress says "Hi, darlin, what wouldya like?"

How do you relax? play music, play with my 2 year old twins, swim, ski, paint, watch a movie, eat, cook, combine them all together.

Sum yourself up in five words. "too much to do and...."

Anything else you would like to add? When's supper?