Digital Dreaming is a unique collaboration between Chapman Stick player, Jim Lampi and German producer, Zeus B Held.

They travelled round Australia together, playing gigs with local musicians and capturing the spirit of the indigenous sound. Together, they discovered singer songwriter Frank Yamma, whose English and native Pitjanjatjara vocals form the basis of all songs for the album.

Once they had gathered enough material and were happy with the concept for the album, they headed to Germany where they edited the tapes in Zeus's studio. They added textures and additional contributions from an international group of musicians including percussionist Olaf Tzschoppe from Les Percussions de Strasbourg, reggae singer Silvalox, who added improvised vocals, and guitarists Craig T and Damien Armstrong from Australian rap metal group NoKTuRNL.

Digital Dreaming is a collection of textures and soundscapes inspired by the Australian outback, featuring Frank's raw and passionate vocals against a backdrop of hypnotic grooves and beats. This is a truly international project inspired by the outback and Aboriginal music or, as Frank described it, Inma Wiru, which means "joyous relaxed performance event"

Frank Yamma is widely regarded as one of the most important artists in contemporary Aboriginal music. Writing and singing in his traditional language and English, his music bears influences from many parts of the world including South America, Jamaica and Africa.

Jim Lampi plays the Chapman Stick: an instrument with an incredible range of five and a quartet octaves, it is played with two hands using a technique called tapping. The result sounds like a guitar and bass being played simultaneously.

Zeus B Held is a versatile producer and multi-instrumentalist, having worked with Transvision Vamp, Men Without Hats, Fashion, and Dead Or Alive.