The enduring and versatile voice of Bonnie Koloc has been heard in Chicago since 1968. For a decade, Bonnie was the hottest act in town; drawing crowds at her regular venue that queued in lines around the block waiting to see her perform. With the brand new release of Visual Voice on The Naim Label, Bonnie proves that she still has all of this popular talent that attracted so many fans.

Visual Voice consists of all Bonnie’s own work except one track. The album also features lyrics from “The Bestiary”, Bonnie’s award winning series. “The Bestiary” is a body of artwork which also features accompanying linocuts that have been reproduced in the booklet. Recorded by Ken Christianson in the glorious acoustics of Lake Forest College and featuring the a whole host of talented musicians including Don Stille and Howard Levy, Visual Voice is an endearing mixture of folk, jazz and blues - a perfect showcase for Bonnie’s range of enduring talent.