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"Hats off to John Holloway, who has been delighting us for nearly 30 years with his period playing. His experience shows in remarkably distinctive ways. It isn't merely his command and his deep affinity for both his violin and the music. It is his sound: burnished by time, crystal-clear in the centre but faintly soft-edged; free, never forced. His use of ornamentation alone is an essay in good taste. Holloway, Ter Linden and Mortensen have developed a remarkable rapport, evident in the many successful pairings (listen in particular to the Festing and Veracini sonatas) as well as the trios. Refined ensemble precision is enhanced by an underlying sense of mutual empathy. The Handel sonatas will be best known, though never in living memory played quite with the same finely poised combination of architectural phrasing and understatement. Three of the four movements of the D minor Veracini sonata are based on a downward chromatic theme, turned upwards for the final Ciaccona. Holloway paces the virtuosity so that it never cloys, swaggering nicely in the Capriccio cromatico, rhetorical in the Adagio, with an eye to a climax in the Ciaccona, neatly foiled at the last minute by mock tragedy and an unexpected harmonic twist. Fantastic stuff! It is rare to encounter this quality of ensemble playing outside the string quartet repertory, and this recording sets exciting new standards for period performers." Julie Anne Sadie, Gramophone, UK