Naim is proud to have had the opportunity to record Charlie Haden and Chris Anderson, two well respected and internationally renowned musicians. Charlie Haden is considered to be one of the world's best acoustic bassists, and has played with such top musicians as Ernie Watts, Pat Metheney, Ornette Coleman, Beck and many others of distinction. He has been voted Number One acoustic bass player for 14 years in a row. Cris Anderson is very highly regarded as a jazz pianist to the extent that it has long been an ambition of Charlie's to record an album with him. Chris is also admired for being Herbie Hancock's piano teacher. The recording of this CD marks a very important occasion for the two musicians, and is the result of three days of intensive work by everybody involved. The venue was the Cami Hall in New York, chosen for its location, acoustic properties, character and charm. This album is a feat of improvisation and none of the spontaneity is lost through the recording of their music on to tape. Once again, Naim sought the expertise of sound engineer Ken Christianson from Pro Musica, Chicago, who was there to capture this musical milestone.

As Charlie says in the liner notes: "Chris is risking his life with every chord, that's how much it means to him. He has such a reverence for beauty, he plays like an angel."