Håvard is a brilliant young musician who has established himself as one of Europe’s leading international pianists. His numerous awards and accolades include the European piano competition, the Steinway Prize and the prestigious Grieg Prize.

In this, his second album for The Naim Label, he plays the Folk Dances and Songs by Norway’s greatest composer, Grieg.

Simplicity and nationalism are the main characteristics of Grieg’s music, which has been described as “painting with notes”. The Folk Dances and Songs capture characteristics of Norway such as the peaceful nature of the country and the culture and soul of the Norwegian people. Grieg’s music was always pure, charming, graceful, lyrical and emotionally passionate, reflecting his love of his country.

Håvard interprets the Folk Dances and Songs on this disc with warmth, passion and vitality in equal measure. Ken Christianson recorded this disc live and direct onto two-track tape, providing yet another opportunity from The Naim Label to hear a winning combination of musical and technical talent.