Antonio Forcione Quartet

Following the phenomenally successful "In concert" DVD release late in 2006, the Naim Label is releasing the CD of this captivating performance.

Originally commissioned by Naim, following the AFQ’s magnificent sell out tours both in the UK and mainland Europe, and recorded by Martin Levan of Red Kite Studio, the CD captures the performance of the band at its best. The combination of an intimate theatre - the Trinity in Tunbridge Wells - and the realistic sound and scale captured make this an unmissable CD.

The recording was completely live, there were no overdubs in the studio later as is perhaps more normal. The band was a particular challenge to record as they are essentially acoustic in nature. The recording was almost exclusively made by microphones rather than Direct Injections (DIs) to retain the full acoustic sense and dynamic of the quartet.

Working out how to mike up Antonio's Guitar was particularly difficult as his performance relies heavily on him moving about so much on stage, consequently a small amount of DI on Antonio’s guitar was used in conjunction with small microphones placed inside his instruments.