Antonio Forcione

Following the critical acclaim of world class Italian guitarist/composer Antonio Forcione's last album, The Naim Label release their ninth album with Antonio, Tears Of Joy. Recorded at the Red Kite studios in Wales earlier this year, the album is a truly international affair, featuring the Antonio Forcione Quartet: Jenny Adejayan - cello; Adriano Adewale - percussion, and Igor Outkine - accordion, along with special guests: Ronu Majumdar - bansuri; Nathan Thomson - double bass; Enzo Zirilli - drums/percussion; Alex Wilson - piano; and Micheline Van Hautem - vocals.

An awesome mixture of utterly compelling original material, the music on Tears Of Joy has been written, arranged and produced by Antonio Forcione. He evokes a wide range of emotions from deep contemplation to ecstatic celebration, combining technical brilliance with emotional depth.

Hailed as the 'Jimi Hendrix' of the acoustic guitar, award-winning Forcione is considered one of the most charismatic and inventive performers to come out of Europe in recent years. Artistic, intense and formidably inventive, Antonio transcends the familiar preconceptions of jazz guitarist, playing a vibrant and evocative music described by Jazz FM as "world music with a universal" appeal. His remarkable originality stems from his creative quest to use every imaginable part of the acoustic guitar without losing sight of a refined musical sense, playing music tinged with echoes of African, flamenco, Brazilian, classical and blues with a hint of Indian Raga.