H2C is the debut release from this vivacious singer, songwriter guitar playing duo that is truly unique. Revel in the wry, witty lyrics sung with passion and knowing to tunes that will quickly have you singing along.

Lisa Fitzgerald and Jan Reay have put together an album of remarkable insights into life; full of situations to identify with.

As each track moves along the melodies grab you, with neat harmonies that demonstrate Jan and Lisa's innate musical ability. Listen out for inventive minimalist drumming that is The Boy's trademark.

Also featuring fretless bass, H2C is an effervescent change with zero pretentiousness, influenced by folk but with elements of Spanish, Irish and Latin, loads of character and infectious exuberance.

In the 'must hear' bracket, Foo Foo and The Boy have been likened to Michelle Shocked and Rickie Lee Jones, but they are truly unique.