Stew Cutler

Stew Cutler is a New York based guitarist and Insignia, his debut for The Naim Label, provides us with plenty of trademarks. Presenting a perfectly balanced blend of funk, melodic jazz and rock n roll, Stew is a musician from the Hendrix school of guitar. Alternating smoothly between myriad styles, Stew employs a mellow approach with the result that even the crazy bits are dripping with cool.

Insignia is a trio recording in the fullest sense of the word rather than two rhythm voices backing up the lead, featuring the huge and fluent talent of Garry Bruer on drums and Booker King playing crystal clear and bone-vibrating bass.

After having trained with electric bass master Harvey Brooks, Stew then proceeded to perform all over the world with Percy Sledge, Wilson Pickett, James Montgomery and Eddie Floyd. Not satisfied with this, he has also recorded with legends such as Bill Frisell, David Sanbourne and Wayne Horvitz.

Recorded by Ken Christianson in his favourite location of Union Church, Insignia has all the high quality of sound and production synonymous with Naim.