We proudly present this brand new recording of Mozart's two great quintets by the Allegri Quartet. This disc is significant for several reasons. It sees Peter Carter re-united in the Allegri with Prunella Pacey, who was the quartet's viola player in the days when Peter made his first recordings with them.

It is also the last recording to be made with Peter before his retirement from the quartet after 28 years as leader.

This rendition of Mozart's C Major and G Minor quintets sees the Allegri at their sparkling best; the tonal beauty and exceptional precision a consistent part in all they do. The C Major, composed in April 1787, and the G Minor composed the month after, make for an exalted and contrasting pair, the one outwardly bright but serious, the other filled with sombre beauty.

The present members of the Allegri Quartet are the inheritors of a tradition that begun nearly fifty years ago in order to create inspired performances of the great classical and romantic chamber music repertoire

Rafael Todes on 2nd violin, Pál Banda on cello and Dorothea Vogel join Peter and Prunella for this True Stereo recording by Ken Christianson of Pro Music, Chicago.